Template:Individual infobox Riven Suntress is a member of the Silver Contingent. An admirer of Cindrea Emberblade, Riven is determined to become a Knight of the Silver Hand and has made it a personal goal to win the very same admiration of her idol. She rarely speaks Common unless spoken to by a race other than her own, preferring the sweeter, lyrical tones of Thalassian. 


Riven considers herself something of a perfectionist and has certain demands for order and structure that even tire the Ranger Captain now and then. In keeping with her pedant mannerisms, Riven maintains a tidy appearance in even the most minute of details. Her hair is rarely mussed, her tabard has preserved its vibrant coloring and there is a noticeable lack of nicks throughout her armor.

But underneath the veneer of orderly, prim behavior, Riven has an unspoken need for validation from her betters. Some of her admiration for Cindrea Emberblade stems from realization of the paladin's confidence. Since the death of her husband, Riven believes she has lost her way, and as a result she feels the need to constantly be informed of anything involving those around her to be "one step ahead."

Gerard Winters was a member of the 7th Legion and an Alliance veteran that fought remarkably well for his age. Despite his hair having grayed and prominent crow's feet tugging at his eye corners, Riven fell in love. Gerard did not allow the horrors of war and the death of his comrades to rob him of his love of life, and much of the joy was amplified when he and Riven married. Unfortunately, Gerard perished aboard the Skyfire during its engagement with the Forsaken, widowing Riven and ultimately shattering her positive outlook. She still presses on to become a Knight of the Silver Hand to honor his memory.

It is also because of Gerard's untimely death that Riven refuses to allow herself attachment to man again, be it as friendship or further more. It was her initial fascination with Gerard's age and continued love of life that charmed her, a reminder that humans experienced great passion in the brevity of their lives. This is also where her burning hatred for the Forsaken stems from.

Emissary Duty

Auroryn recently assigned Dame Suntress to the Liongarde as an envoy from the Silver Contingent and a constant means of direct communication between herself and Strike Commander Leingod. Although the Liongarde is primarily filled with humans, Riven has set aside her reservations for the sake of duty, and so long as the Ranger Captain vests faith and respect in its leader, so too will Riven.