Rokkhan the Stormspeaker is a Darkspear Troll and Master Shaman of the Horde. He is a former member of the Storm Wolves, a warband of shaman who fought for the Horde in the Outland campaigns, as well as the former student of the Storm Wolve's leader, Ja'drako. As a skilled shaman, fighter and tactician, Rokkhan played a pivotal role in the Darkspear Rebellion, as well as The Forward Line.

Physical Description

Rokkhan is a tall and lean troll with a wiry, muscled body. Various battle ornament his toned physique particularly his chest, detailing a life of combat and survival. His skin is a ocean colored bluish green. Most notably are Rokkhan's narrow, piercing eyes, which appear as slits in his face. Inside the small channels hold shadowy emerald green orbs, which appear to stare deep into their focus.

He has a long face, with high cheek bones, and a rather squared off jaw line, that's occasionally dotted with stubble the same color as his hair. The Shadow Hunter Radazhan often described Rokkhan as "a Troll who looks like a wolf."

His hair is kept in long braids which travel and terminate about halfway down his back. From Rokkhan's scalp the hair holds a molten black hue, and begins to let up into a dark purple as it travels downward and terminates.


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