"Long since our escape from the Scourge, the Society has been there. The minds behind our war-machine and the spine of the research of our people. Our ranks, albeit great, grow stale and are in need of fresh bodies and minds to mold and create a new future, a future that sees the Forsaken prospering!"
—Apothecary Wrest
Royal Apothecary Society is an organization assembled by Queen Sylvanas Windrunner herself to assist and seek a cure for the ails of her Forsaken people.


This branch of the Royal Apothecary Society boasts years of longevity, having survived the onslaught of the Lich King, the fracturing of Azeroth by the Cataclysm, and even the inquisitions of the Legion. Though many threats have faced them, the Royal Apothecary Society has continued to defend the Queen’s Forsaken and pursue their hopes of felling the last of the Scourge. In remembrance of all that the Society has overcome, we invite you to read on through our chapter’s history.


Unfortunately, much of our earliest history has been lost to alchemical fires, misfiling of records, and the carelessness of lesser Apothecaries (whom shall not be named and shall be adequately punished…). What little we know of this formative period follows.

Perhaps a year following the great Cataclysm, Apothecary Ember Belamoore petitioned her majesty, Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, to form a new branch of the Royal Apothecary Society. Drawn to Belamoore’s charter for “Branch 27-B”, a great many Forsaken alchemists, surgeons, and arcanists rose from the graying glens of Tirisfal to lend their talents. Though initial leadership records have been lost, we know that Belamoore elected her own replacement within the organization’s fledgling months, presumably to focus on her research rather than on the burden of command. Here, Master Apothecary Wrest, with support from his subordinate, Lord Apothecary Nexeer continued to guide the Society’s efforts.

Out of Character

The Royal Apothecary Society is an open and friendly guild that takes pride in our role play and like to help the RP community as a whole grow better where possible. If a player is ever in need of locating role players, or wanting to learn how to role play in a proper fashion, we are here to assist to the best of our abilities.

We are a social/ RP Forsaken only guild with the exception of special cases such as: Test-subjects, mind-controlled living, etc. The social aspect of the guild is a big part of who we are, so whether shy with a few witty quips, or a person who cannot shut up, you are welcome to join for company and conversation.

External links

Royal Apothecary Society's Armory Page

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