Ruetto Sin'Eranu - General Info

Full Name: Ruetto Gavotte Sin'Eranu

Age: 75 ( Just out of adolescence. )

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches.

Birthplace: Quel'thalas

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Rogue

Speciality: Subtlety, information gathering.

Description and Personality

Ruetto, most notably called Rue, is on the short side for an elf, barely gracing a height of five feet and four inches. Her hair is a coal black, long, slightly waved and often pulled into a utilitarian ponytail, many messy and thick bangs framing her face. Not as fair-skinned as most of her race, she has a darker, if yellowed skin tone, as though under-nourished. Her eyes are a typical green. Though short, she can appear strangely gangly, a severe lack of muscle tone or fat on her slender frame. She seems to day-dream and wander aimlessly a good deal. Her left ear has a series of notches in it.

When noticed, Rue mostly has a dazed look to her eyes, thoughts elsewhere. She speaks only when spoken to, and even then, doesn't speak. She does not talk, but communicates via pencil and paper, a notebook chock-full of words often bent double to fit into her back-pocket and a pencil behind her notched ear. No one seems to know whether or not she cannot or will not speak. Her personality seems to shift a great deal, from rebellious and antagonistic, playful and moronic to timid and subservient. It's likely the real girl underneath the many feelings is hidden away quite skillfully, whether purposefully or not. Her loyalties are won easily and she seems kind and mostly sweet, overall.

Brief History and Occupation

Assumedly born an only child in a middle to lower class family of little importance, Ruetto was hardly grown to maturity before the Scourge invasion. Her family was lost in the midst of the chaos and the girl came out of it unable to recall having one in the first place, nor her original surname. She seemed to accept this uncommonly quickly and didn't appear intent on remembering any of the information or investigating it to any extent. Renaming herself and learning just enough to scrape a meagre living for herself.

She is quite easily unnoticed and takes full advantage of the fact. In spite of dreamy looks and aimless wandering, her ears are always in tune with everything around her and eyes are equally observant. She has, on occasion, been told that it seems she could be anywhere and everywhere, nearly nothing in the city escaping her sight. She is an exceptional sneaker and is very light on her feet.

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