Rykona "Kona" Sunwarder (b. 6 ADP) is a holy priestess of the Light, and (by birth, not culture) a troll of the Darkspear tribe. She is with the guild Destiny Reforged.


Rykona is about average height and weight for her race, though her eyes have a touch of fel green among her normal amber due to the culture she assimilated into.

Her skin tone is a light violet, creating a stark difference between it and her bright green hair, which falls just beneath her collarbone, styled as neatly as most Sin'dorei.

As a holy priestess of the Light, she is rarely ungeared, as she feels her work never truly takes a break.


Upon meeting her, most can tell right away she's not the average troll priest. First, her accent is Sin'dorei instead of Darkspear. Second, her posture and speech suggest a more civilized upbringing than most trolls.

She also carries herself rather calmly, not letting much bother her at all. She walks more than she runs, never in a rush to get anywhere. She always seems at peace with herself and her surroundings, and tries to extend this serenity to her friends.


After the First War, the Alliance had to recover from the loss of Stormwind, and the humans and Quel'dorei at Northwatch Hold at one point decided to try and attack the Echo Isles. They didn't get far, as they were stopped at Sen'jin Village before their retreat.  However, one baby troll joined them in their retreat. Ranger Dallien Sunwarder found the child after killing her parents during the failed raid. In a fit of honor, he decided it was only right to become the child's foster father. He found out the child's name, Ry'kona, via a tribal band around her wrist, a band Kona still wears today.

At least, that's the story as Dallien told it... needless to say, it doesn't stand up.

When Dallien returned to Silvermoon soon afterward, he brought the child with him, and he and his wife raised her as their own. The young Rykona Sunwarder faced some social challenges being a troll in Quel'thalas, but her Quel'dorei upbringing smoothed over the roughest moments, and was generally accepted among the more liberal residents of the land.

When Rykona was just short of turning 16, the Scourge attacked Quel'thalas. Fearing for his adopted daughter, Dallien sent Kona on a dragonhawk to Light's Hope Chapel, knowing that she would be safe among the Argent Dawn and the Silver Hand.

Upon arriving at the chapel, Kona was taken in by the religious organizations there, sheltered from most of the effects of the Scourge. It was during this time that Kona started actively worshipping the Light, and started studying the religious doctrines, showing interest in the priesthood.

Shortly after the formation of the Argent Crusade, and the death of Arthas the Lich King, Rykona finished her beginner training, formally becoming a priestess according to doctrine. She decided that with the Scourge neutered, that the time had come to spread the Light through the world. She returned to Silvermoon, now occupied by the Sin'dorei, to continue her training as a holy priestess of the Light.


Rykona on the official WoW Armory

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