Childhood and Early Adult Life

Sachelles was raised by her brother, in a secluded part of Kalimdor. He was abusive in many ways, but she is only now becoming aware of how much so. She spent four hundred years there, living more like and animal than an elf. When the battle of Mount Hyjal began, her brother and her left their seclusion to help. He died, and she was left, rather confused, in a world she knew nothing about.

Past Six Years

Sachelles did the only thing she could think of: She turned into a cat, and slinked off. After about four years of slinking about the forests, watching elves, orcs, and everyone else from afar, she finally decided to join the rest of the civilized world. She had many a hilarious mishap, and some not so hilarious. She has finally really gotten the nuances of society down. Almost.

Miscellaneous Information


Sachelles is short for a night elf, just shy of six foot. She has naturally blue hair, which she occasionally dyes, and red-purple skin. She has golden eyes. She has natural antlers, that she either keeps cut down, or pretends are a helm when possible. When they aren't clipped, they show in all her forms. She still thinks the antlers are something to be embarrassed about, and is quite sure her mother probably just fooled around with a Keeper, or maybe a stag. She laughs at the idea that they mean she's destined for greatness. It seems very, very unlikely. She doesn't ride a mount, instead turning into a large nightsaber instead. She is still small in all her forms, including that one.


Sachelles is a druid. She was raised a bit oddly, but she new of Elune, and the green dragons. Her brother also taught her to revere Aessina, one of the nature spirit’s the dryads revere. She also has respect for the Keepers and Dryads, and the Green Dragonflight.

Family and Associates

Sachelles has no living family that she knows of. Her brother died during the Battle of Mt Hyjal, and he always insisted that they had no relatives. This seems likely, as someone would likely have found them during their 400 year or so solitude. She doesn’t have too many friends, as she still tends to have trouble picking up on a lot of social niceties, and cues. She currently has a ‘roommate’, a human mage named Rane. She also associates with Tomahna Brightmoon, who, while being a druid for much less time than she has, has been around people in general for much longer, and serves as a bit of a mentor for her.

Guild Affiliations

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