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Long, slightly curly dark green hair hangs down to the middle of her back, which is usually a mess when she is not around any cities. Two greenish colored oak leaf patterned tattoos cover her amber eyes. Her skin is a powder blue, and her body is lithe but muscular. Her voice is low and soft, though clearly feminine.


Safyne is fairly quiet but not shy, and quite caring. She is kind and polite, but that cannot be mistaken for weakness. She is hard and cold in battle, but fair.


Safyne Silvenwind was born in a small settlement in Ashenvale long after the Sundering. Safyne was born with amber colored eyes the same as her father, but since she was female she did not learn druidism. She grew up in relative peace, learning about nature as all Kal’dorei do as well as how to fight. She joined the Sentinels at a young age and learned quickly to defend the Kal’dorei lands.

During the Third War, Safyne helped defend her homeland along with the rest of the Sentinels, but did not go to Hyjal. She was greatly injured in an Orc attack and remained behind to recover. When she awoke, the Third War was over as well as her immortality. The loss felt very unreal to her as it did with several of her people. Plans began being made for the construction of Teldrassil. When Safyne was fully healed, she left the Sentinels and began learning druidism as females were being accepted to do so. She spent several years learning the ways of nature and paid little to no attention the changing world around her.

Halfway through her training, Safyne began having vivid dreams and nightmares. At first she could not remember anything about them, but as time went on she began remembering more and more of her dreams until she could recall them fully. Upon understanding what they were telling her, she left rigorous training in favor of a faster path by seeking several teachers across the world. She quickly learned of the current state of things and took a liking to the new Alliance she found herself in.





Public Knowledge and Rumors

Safyne Silvenwind is known to have formerly been a Sentinel who switched to druidism after the Third War. Not much else is known about her though.

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