"If the undead strikes, we need to strike back harder!"
—Sam Galemane

Samerus "Sam" Galemane[1] is an apsiring paladin and the squire of Dighton Davenwell. He was one of the few remaining survivors from the Forsaken invasion of Hillsbrad Foothills.


Early life

Samerus Galemane was the only son of Brugaren Galemane. He was born and raised in the Hillsbrad Fields where his family worked as farmhands for many generations. During the Forsaken invasion of Hillsbrad, Samerus fled east and witnessed the utilization of the forsaken blight. He claimed to have heard friends and family screaming in agony several nights later.

He was eventually found by patrolmen from Refuge Pointe where he was given shelter. Shortly after being taken in, several members of the Remnants of Lordaeron including Dighton Davenwell and Gresk Hamilton stopped by the Refuge Pointe. After being notified by the events that had occurred, Dighton walked over towards the boy to ask what he saw when the forsaken invaded Hillsbrad. However, Samerus was in shock and remained silent. Feeling remorse for the boy, Dighton offered to be the boy's guardian as well as his mentor.

Remnants of Lordaeron

For a time, Samerus served as Dighton's personal courier and assisted him with various tasks.

War against the Legion

Manhunt for Mordros

Battle of Nihilam

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Samerus initially appeared somewhat introverted as he remained quiet during his time in Refuge Pointe. He has an intense hatred for the Forsaken as they were the ones who destroyed his home and murdered his loved ones. After joining the Remnants of Lordaeron, Samerus showed more extroverted qualities as a rebellious and outspoken individual. He would occasionally argue with Dighton over the absence of taking immediate actions against the Forsaken. When Archelus Wyrmfrost declined to attack the Undercity following their infiltration, Samerus became indignant over the decision and thought the Remnants of Lordaeron and the Alliance were weak.

Notes and references

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