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"What? Do you think I am made of gold?" - Talking to his Treasurer, Varowen.


The Early Life

Sekisho was born to the nobles of House Shan're. He was born to Sak'rish and Ad'lena Shan're. His parents were both Highborne who served under Queen Azhara, although they didn't fall under the same curse as the majority of the others. Sekisho was born and raised in Silvermoon, never leaving for almost 100+ years. His primary care giver was his beloved grandmother, Li'Din. She passed away the day Arthas laid siege to Quelthalas, along with his mother and father. Sekisho then just a young adult in the eyes of the elves, had to take on the responsibility of running House Shan're.




"What? Do you think I am made of gold?" - Talking to his Treasurer, Varowen (Deceased).


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