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Forged in the heat of Blackrock, this orc is not much different from other orcs that cut their teeth within that mountain. It is what she did in her adult life that brought her out of the depths and smothering heat of that insanity factory and into the Horde, back to Kalimdor, and allowed her to truly thrive amongst her people.


One of few Black Tooth Grin to survive the Second War, Serutokk Rotbrain was on the frontlines as field artillery. Trained with edged weapons and close melee fighting as a secondary, she wears her scars for those battles, and harbors a deep seeded hate for most of the Alliance members due to following incedents and circumstance. Spending a good chunk of her young adult life under Rend and Maim's 'Dark Horde' it became quite clear that her survival and the retention of her sanity was dependent on getting out of that crumbling infrastructure.

Gradually she moved her interests to more neutral levels, spent some time hovering under the radar doing odd jobs with goblins and the trade cartels. She eased her way into this society and found herself marching up to the gate of Orgrimmar around the time Thrall became Warchief. During the Third War is when she proved her worth to the Horde and earned her citizenship crammed into a turret, her accuracy with a shotgun, and her scouting abilities out in the wilds. She is very adaptable and used those skills to aid in her assimilation into the New Horde, quite a different environment than that of her roots. Replacing each missing tooth in her mouth with a gold one, she truly doned her Horde identity.


Volatile and aggressive, this is not a lady-orc to be trifled with. She gets what she wants when she wants it, and does what is best for the Fang and the Horde above all else. Known amongst the ranks for cracking a few pelvic bones with a swift headbutt to the groin, she is no weakling, and reacts harshly to slights against her character or self-worth. Prone to extreme acts of violence and overreactions, it is an incredibly good idea to give her a wide wake in the vast majority of cases.

Beneath the thickened exterior, the scar tissue, and her mental 'carapace', she is a nurturing, curious individual with a knack for rearing insects, specifically arachnids and apiary. She also holds an affinity for machines, reflecting her attention to detail and tendency for critical scrutiny of her fellow orcs. These aspects are not common knowledge, even to her Clanmates.




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