Personality Description

Physical Description


Yu'Lon Priestess Robes

Shado-Pan Healer Robes

Horde Uniform Robes


Life on the Farm

Ages 0-15

Shoyima Li-Yang, or Sho as her name is shortened to, was born in the Valley of the Four Winds, in her family's home just outside of Halfhill. There she spent the first fifteen years of her life working with her parents and siblings on the family farm, where she dreamed of a life of adventure and travel.

At first, she showed little to no promise in the area of cooking, but she soon improved with diligent practice. Even when she was awful at it, she always loved cooking and baking, finding it relaxing and fun. Much of her youth was spent cooking and fishing, when she wasn't working.

Tian Monastery

Ages 15-20

Priestess of Yu'Lon, the Jade Serpent

Ages 20-36

Watcher on the Wall

Ages 36-42

Domestic Life

Ages 42-49

Return to the Duty

Ages 49-83


Ages 83-97

The Mists of Pandaria

Ages 97-98

For the Horde!

Ages 98-99


Aged 100

Out of Character Notes

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