The Siege of Stromgarde is a long story campaign hosted by Tiberios (of Wyrmrest Accord, involving both the White Sigil and the Order of the Golden Law). The event was based around the continued push by the Lichdom of Alterac to secure a hold in the south. The long campaign resulted in the finale event, a week long siege of Stromgarde boasting well over forty roleplayers.


The Siege of Stromgarde was a failed attempt by the Scourge, more specifically the Lichdom of Alterac under the command of Tiberios the Cold, a death knight under the sway of a Lich based out of Alterac. Building up to the siege, Tiberios was responsible for waging countless assaults not only against the Order of the Golden Law, but countless Orders and organizations, such as the White Sigil, around and near Stormwind and other regions. While little was known of the Lich itself during this time, it was clear to all that the Scourge forces would not stop their attacks until destroyed for good.

Six Day Siege

Reports continued to pour in from scouts in the area - detailing the assembling of Scourge forces. After word arrived that Tiberios the Cold was at the head of the forming army, a combined force of holy crusades, humanitarians and soldiers sailed north to Stromgarde, bolstering its forces.

Uniting the separated factions living within the city, the allied forces held off for six days, finally pushing back the undead forces at the last hour - though suffering heavy casualties.

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