Aevaresto, more commonly known as Silverghost, was the Lord-Templar of the Order of the Templar.[1]


Not much is known about Aevaresto's life before joining the Order of the Templar other than that he was a devout follower of the Holy Light and regularly practiced the teachings of the church. During his initiation to the Templars, he took up the moniker "Silverghost" as a code-name within the ranks of the order. He quickly rose within the ranks of the holy order and eventually found himself leading alongside Silverhaven.

Under their leadership, the Templars formed a strong alliance with the Order of the Golden Law. During this time, Silverghost and Silverhaven sent several members of the Templars to aid the Golden Law, one of whom was Silverdawn, an up-and-coming Templar who would become one of the Golden Law's most valuable members. Despite frequently offering support to Golden Law, the Templars asserted themselves to be neutral and refused to get involved in any political conflicts.

Physical appearance

Silverghost is almost always wearing the light-colored armor of his order and the Templar mask. He carries a light-imbued elven blade that is said to have the power to smite enemies who stand against the light.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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