PLEASE NOTE: The <Silverwing Sentinels> have permanently retired. Any and all information shared below is for historical and referential purposes only.

Guild website:

Who were we?

<Silverwing Sentinels> initially started off as a subdivision of the Warsong Gulch PvP faction by the same name. We were originally known as the Ashenvale Sentinels guild back on Moon Guard, pre-2012. 

During her first few years, Silverwing promoted a humble "quality over quantity", lore-abiding, traditional Kaldorei RP setting, attracting roleplay veterans and rookies alike before entering a long period of flickering inactivity in Summer 2012. In August 2014, Silverwing Sentinels was relaunched and proudly contributed quality roleplay to the Night Elf RP community on Wyrmrest Accord US until June 2017, when the guild permanently entered retirement.

What did we do?

Led by Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf, the Silverwing Sentinels roleplayed as an elite Silverwing military unit representing regional Ashenvale, as well as secondary defenders of Kaldorei zones across Kalimdor. Our events and plotlines varied between local defense, offense, social gatherings, training, patrols, and more. We considered ourselves to be a "Medium" RP guild, with a heavy emphasis on story progression.

Our goal was to provide a friendly, fun, and high-quality roleplaying environment with traditional Kaldorei RP for like-minded people. We intended to further spread random roleplay throughout northern Kalimdor, to form healthy relations with other similar guilds, and provide frequent roleplay events. To us, the guild was a family, and our goal was a passion.

On the side, we would tend to dabble in PvP, PvE, and other aspects of the game. However, our main objective was to promote lore-accurate roleplay and, on a deeper level, give a name and face to those generically-named guard NPCs that so willingly hurl themselves at the Horde who step where they shouldn't. Not just to show others what Sentinels are like, but to really show them why they are what they are, and why they do what they do.

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