Stormwind City

Stormwind is the jewel of the Alliance in Azeroth. The oldest and grandest human city, it has weathered three wars, ransacking by the orcs, and invasions by the Alliance to take it back. Although mostly a human city, Stormwind does house a respectable dwarven and a less respectable elven population. It opens its gates to all Alliance members to participate in trade within the city limits. Most of the city’s coffers are filled with the taxes taken from the merchants in the busy market. Stormwind’s climate is warm, the skies clear and the seasons generally temperate. As with the kingdom of Azeroth before it, Stormwind is ruled by kings of the House of Wrynn.


Stormwind City is a popular place for Roleplayers on Wyrmrest Accord. Whether you are new to roleplaying or a veteran, Stormwind is sure to have something for you.

Hot Spots


The Pig and Whistle

  • The Pig and Whistle Tavern is a popular location during all peak hours. Run by The Lionheart Company, here you will be able to sit down and watch other RP in action, or engage in your own with other customers to the bar. Drinks and meals can be bought at most times and all are welcome... provided you do not cause trouble to the Lionhearts or other customers.
  • The Black Rose Tavern in the Dwarven District, run by Silas Black and open late at nights.
  • The Trade District is a bustling trading center during the day, often too crowded for roleplaying, but during offpeak hours there are sometimes 'get to know one another' Roleplays.
  • The Command Center is home to two of Stormwind's guilds, The Stormwind Guard and the XIV Protectorate, both protectors of the peace.
  • The Cathedral of Light isn't host to any known guilds as of yet, but makes a good roleplay area for priests, paladins, and any Light-worshipping character.

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