The Sin'dorei's eyebrows have been cut short as a Human's would be. The tips of her ears have been pierced several times, displaying a few small gold bands. While a Gnomish Army Knife hangs from her belt suspended by a leather cord, a toothpick rests upon her lips, tucked neatly away at the corner of her mouth. Two thick leather armbands are bound around each of Sunadisa's forearms, tied by four leather cords per cuff and usually visible atop whatever armor or clothing she wears. A black leather cord has been wrapped around her right armband several times, from which a bronze, lotus-shaped pendant rests on her inner forearm.

An albino rat is often perched upon her shoulder or trailing behind on deft paws. The creature's shiny coat and healthy size show that it is well cared for.


Sunadisa is a rather jovial, uncensored Sin'dorei. She's not one to speak in grammatically correct sentences, instead preferring to get her point across rather than sound dainty. To that extent, she's rather stubborn and not apt to repeat her sentences in a correct syntax if asked. Sunadisa feels comfortable amongst the various races of the Horde and doesn't think much for those who can't say the same about being around her. In fact, she'd probably call someone out (with a less than polite tone) were that person to openly ignore or insult her.

Background, At-a-Glance

  • First learned to shoot an arrow by hunting wild game for her parents to sell at market.
  • Joined the Farstriders for a stint, but was dismissed for shirking camp-cook responsibilities repeatedly.
  • Was a potato-peeler for Galley Chief Steelbelly on The Maiden's Fancy... Oddly enough, Steelbelly never sold any food made from potatoes.
  • Lived in Booty Bay for a time after resigning her potato-peeling duty where she carried out simple deliveries.
  • Managed to return to the Farstriders' ranks with Halduron Brightwing's permission.


  • There is no record as to why Halduron pardoned Sunadisa and allowed her to return to the Farstraiders, leaving to idle speculation.
  • Sunadisa's favorite beverage is Cherry Grog, and is seldom to turn one down.
  • "Sunadisa" is pronounced "Sue-nah-dee-sah".

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