An OOC group of friends has blossomed into something more - a laid back raiding guild. With low time requirements, the team fits the needs of people with jobs, college, and families to maintain. We're a proud safe space guild, where one is free to be oneself without fear.

Why HoD? Why on an RP server?

Most of us on the administrative end of the guild are roleplayers! However, we wanted a guild where we could raid happily, and oftentimes roleplay and raiding do not go hand in hand. We are a smaller guild (we lean towards being more active in afternoons/evenings), and we do not host any roleplay events of our own. But, we are dedicated to preserving the world of RP that takes place on Wyrmrest Accord, so we are not griefers, and griefers in our guild will be booted out ASAP.

Why should I join?

Are you looking for a low stress, low drama guild where you are free to be yourself? Cool, join us. Are you the kind of person who makes backstories, commissions art, but doesn't really spend hours RPing in the world? Cool, so do we. Join us. Are you interested in clearing Karazhan, Keystones, and other PvE content at a nice and easy pace with low pressure, and a team of players ready to help you be the best player you can be? Cool, we do that.

How do I apply?

You can either post in our thread on the Wyrmrest Accord Realm Forums, or add the GM's battletag (phae#1446). It's a quick interview process for social members. While we're not currently taking applications for raiders, socials are more than welcome at all times.

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