Talleah Rosethourne is a gifted young priestess and former cleric of the Order of the Golden Law.


Early life

Talleah Rosethourne was the only child of Sergeant Dartalius Rosethourne and Mrs. Rosethourne. She was born and raised in the small town of Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills. She lived an ordinary childhood and would often be seen helping her mother at their bakery. Talleah would occasionally sneak bread to starving refugees. During the War Against the Lich King, Talleah's father was sent on deployment to Northrend, but before he left he gave her a present— a bright green pouch, which Talleah kept at her side ever since.

Training as a cleric

Order of the Golden Law

Physical appearance

Should one be interested enough to glance at her face, they would find an extraordinarily plain young woman underneath a hood and cloak. Tired gray-green eyes shift quickly from face to face, chapped lips curling into a worried frown as she surveys her surroundings. Her face is pale, but has clearly seen natural tanning in the sun. Scars dot and slash her chin, and four diagonal cuts rip across the majority of her right side; they indicate an old claw wound certainly.

Upon removing her hood, wavy locks of soft brown hair would cascade down to her chest. Despite her hair being a little bit wild and messy, she appears to be overall well taken care of.

Her cloak covers any other physical indicators about her body. However, simply due to her height and girth, it can be assumed that she is a frail and small-boned individual.

Personality and traits

Talleah Rosethourne's unmistakable aura would make her easy to identify in a crowd. Holy, arcane, and faint undertones of blood magic would coat the priestess like a think paint; her magical mastery indicates intense discipline and powerful tutelage.

Talleah is a very passive and shy individual who rarely ever speaks. When pushed to speak, her tone is soft and relaxed, though her voice sounds as if it has not been used in a few days. Upon noticing others looking at her, she will usually smile pleasantly—albeit nervously—and keeps her words reserved and good-natured.

Notes and references

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