Primary Language

Common, Thalassian


  • The Dawn Battalion
  • The Enlightened
  • The Sanctified
  • The North Tower Coven

The Dawnsworn Covenant is a humanitarian effort organization dedicated to the betterment of life for the less fortunate of the Grand Alliance.

Despite their work as humanitarians, the Covenant also claims its own military force, The Dawn's Battalion, which is deployed alongside other forces to combat the foes of the Alliance.

For its namesake, a Dawnsworn must always bear the mantle of leadership, as the Dawnsworn High Elves are largely responsible for funding Covenant endeavors. The Covenant is also a High Elf organization, working to free the High Elves from the notion that they are only welcomed into Dalaran.

Because of the Covenant's efforts, many High Elves have since begun to leave Dalaran to do good works for the realm on all fronts, and once more a Quel'dorei presence blooms throughout Stormwind City. The Dawnsworn Covenant serves to re-establish rapport between High Elves and other races of the Grand Alliance, thus all races are allowed entry.

OOC Overview

The Dawnsworn Covenant is a guild comprised of several divisions for the sake of bringing people with different RP preferences together. We have a military division, a "Church" RP division, a division for scientists and a division for House RP. We are also a High Elf guild, and we are absolutely more than willing to help you get involved with High Elf roleplay.

The Dawnsworn Covenant was created on September 27th, 2014.

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