The Gatekeepers were founded upon the prinicple of "protection". This means protection of the innocent, protection of the Horde, and protection of their loved ones and friends. Through their courageous leader Sindaroth, they have lead attacks against the Alliance. Recently, however, Sindaroth has fallen ill, so The Gatekeepers tend to stay close to home and keep a low profile, until the time he may rise them to glory once again. Though swift and deadly they are to their foes, their friends shall receive a welcome with open arms. They believe in aiding their allies whenever possible, and are always looking for new members of the Horde to join them in upholding their belief. They support each others decisions, and treat each other as family.

Their famous slogan rings loud and clear across the face of Azeroth: "Lok'tar Bandinoriel! May your hearts stay true to your beliefs"

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