The Unity is a Med-Heavy Casual RP guild inspired by the Argent Crusade. The guild is highly diplomatic and frowns upon combat between Alliance and Horde.






The Guild Master. The Ambassador herself attends all diplomatic meetings and is the voice of The Unity over all others.


The Ambassador's Lieutenants. Councilors assist The Ambassador with difficult decisions and at least one typically attends The Ambassador for recruitment initiations or other diplomatic events.


Representatives of the house factions. When a member reaches exalted with all of their faction's houses, they can apply for Emissary rank. The individual must prove their diplomatic prowess by earning exalted status with another faction of The Ambassador's choosing. It may be Sporregar, Timbermaw Hold, or any other non-house faction.


Apprentices of diplomacy. Envoys have perhaps reached Exalted with one or two house factions.


Enlisted Members

"The Ambassador": Krystali

Honorary Members

Zyrcon Falconstar - Horde Diplomat

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