The Tideripper sets sail.

The Tideripper was one of the strongest ships in the Royal Stormwind Navy serving under King Varian Wrynn, most notably under the command of Captain Elphias Davenwell.[1]
As one of the Alliance's premiere warships and renowned pride of the Royal Stormwind Navy, this ship was agile, fast, and carried 100 guns, making her a force to be reckoned with.

It currently serves as a flagship for the Westridge Brigade's naval forces.[1]


  • Elphias Davenwell - Captain
  • Daniel "Dirty Dan" Dundire - First Mate / Quartermaster
  • Nathaniel Dawson - Navigator
  • Jason Webb - Cannoneer
  • Rolf Harkins - Cabin Boy
  • Favreau - Chef


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