Archmage Tradyna is an emissary of the Kirin Tor for the Remnants of Lordaeron. She has served as a valued ally to the order since it's founding after the War against the Lich King. She was eventually killed by Mordros Shadoweaver after discovering his allegiance with the Burning Legion.


Early life

Tradyna spent her entire life studying arcane magic in Dalaran. At the end of the Second War, Tradyna was hand picked by Archmage Antonidas to accompany the Alliance Expedition beyond the Dark Portal to Draenor. She remained there until the reopening of the Dark Portal eighteen years later.

Remnants of Lordaeron


Physical appearance

Tradyna is a slender woman covered from head to toe in Kirin Tor robes. She has light-brown hair that appears to be graying in certain areas.[2]

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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