Current IC information concerning Flyers / Notices:

Treasure Expeditions
Placeholder other
Vital statistics
Participants Any
Date Thursdays
Location Changes

[1]WRA Forum Event Post

What to Expect / More information (Out of Character)

Who: Primarily its a horde based operation but any race is welcomed to assist.

What: Searching for and recovering items at the request of any benefactors.

When: Primarily Thursday evenings 6:30 pm (WRA server time)

Where: The Book Case & other locations about Azeroth.


Any race is welcomed to RP with stories and in game (even if its a little harder to do sometimes- its still possible for cross-faction RP).

How to become a benefactor?

~ Anyone can send in a letter (in game mail or story post) or speak directly with one of the Expedition Leaders to discuss costs and perimeters of a search (whatever is to be recovered). All gold fees are imaginary (RP) and no actual gold will exchange hands.

Vlea & Lusio are current team leaders.

RP Channel : "TERP"

This is an "IC" channel to be used for initiating RP during the time between events. Its assumed individual characters can connect to the same phone/radio line of some sort through whatever means they desire (technology/ magic/ etc). OOC is allowed in moderation.

Individual & Group Missions

Missions will vary from week to week. If someone can't make the big events they can still do other tasks to help the expedition and be involved in the RP.

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