Physical Description

Tyraiel is a Quel'dorei with rime-blue eyes, faded red hair, and muscles developed over a lifetime of working the forge.


In life, Tyraiel was a jovial male with a capricious sense of humor and a strong sense of honor.


Tyraiel was born in southern Quel'thalas and spent his childhood training in the arts of war, the forge, and the Light. He became the head of House Sunhammer upon his father's passing.

He became a warrior-priest and journeyed south to study with the SIlver Hand and the Argent Dawn, eventually taking on the mantle of Paladin.

An arranged marriage between Tyraiel and Faenileda Dawnraker strengthened the Sunhammer family, as he gained a wife, fellow warrior, and business partner.

Tyraiel and Faenileda spent many years in the Hinterlands studying dwarven metalworking and exchanging knowledge with the Wildhammer clan. Shieraiel and Illithien were born during this time period.

Sometime before the First War, the Sunhammer family holdings were moved from southern Quel'thalas to Silvermoon and they became firmly ensconced in the houses of the mercantile nobility. Tyraiel served in the defense of Quel'thalas during the Scourge invasion, where he met his death.

He returned to Silvermoon after the liberation of the Ebon Blade at Light's Hope, much to the shock and surprise of his widow and children.



Do not let this elf near a cook pot. In life, his inability to render anything edible out of a cooking fire was near-legendary. In undeath, it has not improved.

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