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Clad in titan-crafted battleplate, the knight stood proud and sinister in the way he moved. He was your A-Class rebel, showing no respect for nobles who use their power just for the sake of having it. The plate wrapped around his body like a shell to protect him during harsh combat. He was found mostly on the frontlines so the titan plate had been effective against enemies taking swings at him.

Underneath the armor was a man who kept himself proper in appearance. His eyes lit up with the mist of an undead lich, the body of this man was toned all over. Every muscle was defined and bulging, showing that he often times had worked out in his spare time.


The young knight stood tall over most people, but the biggest part about him was his heart. If it wasn't locked beneath the depths of his saronite armor, it was out and flooding by the side of his friends. He's a selfless man, putting others before himself in situations of dire need. The closest of people is where he is found to flow fluently with a smile never departing the man's face.

In combat, this man is a completely other person. A hundred years of combat training did a number on Val before his undeath, he stood and fought for as many battles as he could. In his undeath, he has been through wars that sated the bloodlust of his blade. In battle? Valathar is an unstoppable fighting force.

If a woman of interest had caught his eye, there would be no doubt in his mind that he'd do everything and anything to win this woman over. At his core, he is passionate and loyal to his significant other. Not another girl that walked by him would be taken of interest if his heart belonged to the love that he could spoil.


Valathar doesn't remember most of his past since his fall to darkness, but only remembers bits of it. As a paladin in life, he was judgemental and honorable. He took the rules given to him and followed them closely even if it was something that he hadn't liked so much. His lover and family were both lost in the battle of Quel'thalas where Arthas and the scourge armada ran down the beautiful spring lands and formed the dead scar, him being one of the corpses sent off to Acherus.

On Acherus, he was a runesmith and learnt how to craft the weapons and emblazon them with the dark magics that were on each blade. He took to Northrend and became a leader of a small group of rebellious personas, forming the Darkbrood Battalion. The battalion would show to be a great aid in the battle against the Lich King, disbanding after the death of Menethil. In the shaking of the world, Valathar remained absent as he found that revenge had been all that he needed to sustain himself.

Finding no reason to go up against Deathwing, he returned to Quel'thalas and made new friends. From there, he would grow to be a great man and act social, finding love and losing her to the sha of Pandaria. He slammed down the doors of the mystical land, leaving behind every last inch of emotion but vengeance and hate until it consumed him and gave in to the sha's will. He learned to control those emotions and aided the rest of the war, eventually coming back to Durotar to assist in taking down Garrosh Hellscream.

In the fight on Draenor, he went with his friends and the other champions through the dark portal and began his fight against the Iron Horde. As the iron tide and Draenor had been saved, the executioner had traveled back home.

With the return home, friends of old returned and greeted him while many new faces came. But the rise of the shadow had caught his eye and he had to toss aside everything for the time being to fight the oncoming storm.


  • Has no relation to Lord Valanar of the Blood Council located in Icecrown Citadel
  • Did not participate in Death Knight activity until the Battle for Light's Hope.
  • Character creation date: May 24, 2011

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