Valystrasza in her human form, the blood elf Valyshi Dragonsong.
Vital statistics
Title The Flame of Life
Race Red Drake
Appears as Blood Elf
Gender Female
Age 23
Height 6 feet
Weight 160 lbs
Birthplace Silvermoon City
Residence Silvermoon City
Guild The Crimson Order
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Horde
Class Paladin

Valystrasza, the Flame of Life, is a very young Red Drake, born into the body of a newborn blood elf when her egg hatched empty. Named Valyshi by her parents, Till and Naminda Dragonsong, she felt the calling of the Sunwell at a very young age and set out on her journey. She became a healer, dedicating herself to keeping others alive, unknowingly fulfilling her role in the Red Dragonflight. She has befriended an Infinite Dragon named Teruzond, whose intentions are unknown.

Early Life

Valyshi was given a classical education from a very early age. When she heard the Sunwell speak to her she was sent to the Blood Knight academy, but quickly tired of the seemingly senseless violence, which climaxed with her accidental slaying of a thief. Disgusted and horrified by what she had done, she took up her sword and vowed that from then on it would give life, never again taking it unless she were in danger of death.


Because she matured so quickly as a blood elf, her true self followed suit. Though she cannot currently access her dracoform, she can call upon its healing flame to soothe aches, heal wounds and even return the dead to life. At 19, she is both the youngest recorded Paladin in Silvermoon City and the youngest of the dragons to have ever matured as a Drake. At 23 she completed her education and became a trauma surgeon.


Valystrasza is still affiliated with the Order of Blood Knights, but she no longer takes an active part in business there. Instead she observes from afar, interfering only if the Order causes an exorbitant amount of disorder. Her current activities suggest that she has allied herself with the Crimson Order, a division of protectors within the Sigilic Order.

She has also befriended the Infinite Dragon Teruzond, who seemed to be allied with the Bronze Dragonflight. Teruzond is able to teleport by manipulating space-time, an ability few Infinite dragons have been shown to have.

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