Victor Marrow was an ex-magi who joined the Cult of the Damned during the start of the Third War. He attempted to spread the same plague that swept over Lordaeron to the Kingdom of Stormwind. His plans were thwarted by the paladin Arthur Greatmane, who chased him into an old crypt in Duskwood where both would meet their demise.

Victor was eventually resurrected by his followers through necromancy.


Cult of the Damned

Victor Marrow was born and raised in a small enclave in Lordaeron. He became a cultist during the start of the Third War who gave his whole to the Scourge willingly, Victor ascended through the ranks, offering his experience as a magi and alchemist to brew plagues and weave darker magics. As the Cult of the Damned, and the Scourge, swept over Lordaeron, Victor Marrow fled south with a flock of his own - vowing to take up their plague operations in the Kingdom of Stormwind, hoping to gain even more power for himself in the process.

All was not as easy as it seemed, however, for Victor Marrow, and his followers, were hunted by the Paladin Arthur Greatmane, a righteous and just man on even the worst of days. Escaping to Duskwood, formerly known as the area of Grand Hamlet, Victor attempted to set up his network - but in time was found out by the relentless Paladin. Chased into the crypts of the region, Victor fought for his life against the Paladin, tainting the crypt itself and ultimately destroying the undercroft - sealing them both inside to finish their bloody and desperate fight. In the end, both Arthur and Victor fell - leaving a broken and routed cult which scattered about the region.

Now, with the fall of the Lich King and other events, a power vacuum has offered the aged followers of Victor a chance to seek out the ruined crypt of their master - ultimately returning him to the world of the living through vile necromancy - and offering him a second chance to unleash his horrors across the world.

Scattered reports began to flood the Embassy in which the Order of the Golden Law based its operations, detailing the rise in attacks by the undead heralding a potentially devastating return of the cult. At the center of these reports was Duskwood, the region in which Victor Marrow had been killed.

It became clear, quickly, that Victor had been hard at work since his return, and scattered his followers all throughout the south of the Eastern Kingdoms, spreading as much terror and confusion as possible while in Duskwood, he had begun reanimating the dead and building up his forces - the bulk of which had yet to be seen.

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