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In Murder Row

Xorin Troy-(Nicknames: Xor, Xorry)

Blood Elf Rogue:He spends most of his time in Gilneas, or Silvermoon, occasionally Undercity or Tirisfal Glades. He works for an Assassination Order, Sometimes refered to as 'The Family'.

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Birthplace:Silvermoon City

Relatives: Sythiis D'Anne Troy(Sister)

Andra Aloray Troy (Cousin)

Note: Both living.

Personality: Vague, Mysterious, Respectful, Slightly Flirty, at times, ambitious. Loyal, witty, stubborn.

Appearance: Xorin has pale white skin, with a slight tan to it, implying he's mostly covered up. He black , stitched leather shoulderpads, which make him look more muscular than he really is. His long, dark hair hangs over his face in a messy wave, the rest of his hair tied neatly into a ponytail, hanging over the left side of his chest. He wears mostly black, aside from the red tabard he proudly sports. He wears spikes along his belt, and carries 2 daggers at his side, and a throwing weapon tucked inside his gloves. When he puts his hand into a fist, one may notice that a dagger shoots out from a compartment on his forearm. He reeks of sweet honey. When close with him, it's almost overwhelming. When especially close, one may noticed, the smell is like honey, laced with blood.

Background history: There's not much to tell. He says he has learned a lot from his sister. While his parents weren't around , he claims to have raised Sythiis so she could raise him to be a better man, making him fight for something for once. Sythiis and him are rather close. They trained for 10 years for the Assassination order together. Xorin says it doesn't worry him because he knows that she was trained well, and can handle herself. They play 'tap-out' for the order. When she is there, he is not. And when he is, she isn't.

Where you can find him: Hanging around Silvermoon, or Gilneas. He tends to be in Wayfarers, or in Murder Row. He does hide in the shadows often, though. He is found when he wants to be. By an off chance, you'll find him where he rooms with a person he is watching in Karazhan, over in the stables with the horses.

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