A sarcastic and bitter layabout of a warlock, Yarane Arathan has a reputation for biting insults and taking his drinking a bit too far. He can be spotted by his distinctive crimson robes, eyepatch, and scythe. His hair is black and he wears it straight down to his shoulders. He has a short beard of the same dark, scraggly hair, and his remaining eye is forest green.


Yarane was born on a small family farm in Westfall, either the only child conceived or the only child who survived disease (his parents never talked about it much) in his family. At a very early age he knew that he disliked farming, and when the Defias came into the region, he left in the middle of the night, heading towards Stormwind with all the lofty ideals of the fairy tales he'd read as a boy about knights and princesses.

When he arrived, he made his way to the Stormwind library which he'd heard so much about. A very young boy still, he was found in their by an elderly mage who brought him to the Mage's Tower in Stormwind as an assistant. Showing aptitude from magic, he began studying with the other mages as well until he was kicked out. The reason he gives out for this expulsion varies from time to time, and seems to rely mostly on his mood. Finding the studious and rigid life of a mage as far too similar to life on the farm, he dropped his studies until he came across an elderly warlock who took him in and set him on the path of Fel Magic.

Enjoying how easily Fel Magic came, and how it relied more on willpower than hours studying, Yarane devoted his time entirely to training, moving temporarily into the Crypts below Stormwind to suit his needs. He stopped only when he discovered his master had contacted the Burning Blade, a group of cultists dedicated to the Legion still. Reporting his master to the guards, Yarane took refuge in a Goldshire tavern for some time before setting off to earn some coin and make a name for himself.


After he was dragged from the Goldshire tavern, Yarane has had a long history of deeds (and misdeeds).

He's been a slave, won his freedom, lost an eye, gotten married, been widowed, been a bartender, fought with demons, fought with the undead, been a tailor, been a wand salesman, been a con artist, made a deal with a demon, been a mercenary, and traveled half the world over. All while at least tipsy. He gets around.

As of now he's adventuring alongside his wife, Rakaa Arathan, as they explore the ruins of Ulduar and wander Stormwind.


If you're planning on killing Yarane, the easiest way would probably be to leave him alone. He has a reputation for picking fights with people out of his league, especially when he gets drunk, and most people figure it's only a matter of time before he ends up dead. However, if you do face him in the field of battle, be wary for the tendrils of shadow which he uses to strangle and snare his opponents. If he's in close proximity and you've injured him some, he will likely try to conjure up demonic claws to slash you with, in addition to thick demonic skin. However, his hand to hand fighting style lacks any sort of reason or strategy, consisting mostly of blind angry slashes and swipes.


  • Yarane doesn't actually know how to fight with his scythe. He just finds it very intimidating.
  • Yarane is preferential to Junglevine Wine and Rumsey Rum, but will probably drink anything you put in a cup in front of him so long as it has some kick.
  • Yarane is left handed. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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