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"Chaeryl, I'm trying my best to mature. I may be good with a bow but I don't see myself worthy for high honors."
—Zalidria Sunshatter to Chaeryl Sunshatter regarding her titles.
Princess Zalidria Erodora Kora'leana Zaleum Sunshatter (Born 22 November, -68. L.C.) is the newly presiding Countess of Newdawn, the present secondary leader of Aloras'zune's ranger corps. the Blood Archers and the youngest living sibling to the freshly elected Queen of Aloras'zune, Chaeryl Sunshatter. She is the daughter of Lord Erodin and Lady Lylidea Sunshatter who formerly ruled over a small stretch of land that included Suncrown Village as lowly barons for a very short time before the Scourge Invasion of Quel'thalas. Zalidria is the aunt of Petrina R. Sunshatter.

Often being described as a very opinionated young woman, Zalidria continues to struggle being molded into the quiet and respectful Lady that is expected of her office. Despite such conflicts, Zalidria continues to be admired within the Blood Archer society, where hunting and environmental prowess is held to a high degree. Currently, the Countess is continuing her focus working alongside the heroes of Azeroth in riding the world of the Legion, and getting pulled out of long hunts in order to study extensive politics.

Physical Description

"Zalidria, you are an unpolished Diamond. All you require is a small polish to bring out your naturally occurring and rare beauty."
—Zalidria Sunshatter's uncle, Tylren A. Sunshatter cheering the youth up.
Zalidria is a tall and lissome Sin'dorei. Yet, she seemed rather short for her family's genetics. She was gifted with her mother's "slight" stature of 5'11. The youthful maiden conveyed an appearance of raw elven beauty, beauty, in it's most unpolished form with her rounded and softly defined face. Her legs and arms were slim but they seemed strong enough to vigorously string a bow or scale a towering mountain in a hike. She had small but firm breasts that were the cause of feminine insecurity at times, but they were good for an archer such as Zalidria. The young woman was usually observed with skin a shade darker than her very light blonde hair due to the long hours she was fond of spending outdoors. She typically wore little to no extensive jewelry, nor expensive garments expected of her estate. Zalidria disliked make up, and would never be seen with it. Cosmetics would dull her large eyes that seemed to glow gently awashed in a balance of yellow and fel green that evened out to a brilliant pale green. Around her strong hips, she normally sported a belt of utility. Once her hunting hood was removed, one would see her hair, soft in it's texture and short in it's length.


"For the next decade, the High mother would tirelessly paint Zalidria's sweet baby milk face, the small salamander colored translucent fingers on her hands and the young girl's strange and indefinable charm."


"I'm a survivalist by situation."
—Zalidria Sunshatter
"If anything's happened to her I'll send you on the golden f****** horse-drawn carriage to hell!"
—Zalidria Sunshatter, upon discovering the botched destination given to her sister Chaeryl, by a political rival.



  • Zalidria secretly wishes to get married but refuses to marry unless she falls in love which is difficult due to her her insecurity and caution of courting.
  • As a youth, Zalidria felt unable to reach the expectations (then) Quel'dorei society.
  • Zalidria dislikes titles but she respects them.


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