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((EDITING)) Personality

Zenyozzik (or Zeny) is a kind, happy go lucky goblin. Unlike most Goblins he didn't really inherit a need for greed, but rather a need to BLOW STUFF UP! He enjoys making the most craziest explosives that none could even think should be real. He also often confuses his bombs with alchemy, but Zeny keeps trying to make his mark in this world. Being a rather weak goblin he decided to delve deep into the dark arts of shadow and fire so that he may be able to defend his friend, if they ever be needing it.

Physical Appearance

Zeny is a young and rather excitable goblin. He practicaly jumps up and down when he walks.

He looks like your typical ordinary goblin. His natural hair color is described as looking like "milk chocolate", and he always keep it in a short and neat cut. On his face almost always a pair of goggles in which he designed himself. Little do people know, that his goggles have many enhancements in them. Such as, it's abilty to change colors and a flashlight. His ears are very flappy. He distates earrings.

He usually wears casual colored shirts from Dalaran, a nice pair of black pants, and small black dress shoes. He ALWAYS carries a arclight spanner on his belt, and secretly carries a small note in his back pocket.

His warlock garb now includes a spikey red robe, similar to the Twilight Cultist robe.


Early History

Zeny always had a rough life, being the son of a humble begger, and a greedy prostitute. Yet, he found his ways into making the best of it.

When Zeny was very young he came across to meet two slightly insane goblins, Jorzon and Gerenaz. Jorzon was an master of Alchemy, he was most known for saying "I'm an alchemist, not a doctor." While Gerenaz was more of a psychopath who always had this humongous crush for Zeny, which led to a small and awkward one night relationship.

It was a somewhat peaceful day before Deathwing erupted from Deepholm and blew Mt. Kajaro. Fortunatly for Zeny, he was able to sneak himself onto Gallywix's ship when he and his brutes weren't looking. He cleverly posed himself as a simple butler for Gallywix. Sadly though, Zeny's friend didn't make it. Jorzon's trike was knocked off a cliff by another, and Gerenaz was attempting to sneak onto the ship with Zeny when she tripped on a rock, and alerted the guards who would then crush her. Zeny was alone.

After the ship left port and shipwrecked onto the Lost Isles, Zeny gradually stayed hidden. Following the other goblins from a distance. Eventually, someone told that they had found a ship to Orgrimmar.

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